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yeahcoolduck has a post on guilt and shame in relation to Dean and Sam that I think is interesting, and I’m not feeling like I’m expressing this well at all, but Dean tending to feel shame more than guilt would make sense to me because I think John basically taught him to feel shame. When Dean was a child John put inappropriate expectations on him and when Dean didn’t meet those expectations it wasn’t really Dean’s behavior that was wrong, it was Dean was a child and that was bad (and I think that time he said he was never a child shows that, on some level at the very least, he did experience it as him not being supposed to be a child, in addition to feeling bad about his ‘mistakes’). But being a child was something he couldn’t change, no matter how hard he tried, and it was something about his… existence rather than his actions? So, I can see how John’s parenting would have taught Dean that his failures are due to something bad or inadequate about himself.

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